Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kimberly's Birthday!

This week was Kim's birthday so of course we had a party.  Lori Vest made this AWESOME cake and we even invited husbands to come.  We had great food and played some hilarious games!  Mike told funny Kim stories and we succeeded in keeping Kim from wetting her pants!  
Happy Birthday Kimmie! We love you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Demi Jane

Last fall Demi had left for college.  It was lonely without her at home.  This year she stayed home and worked to earn more money for tuition.  We love having her home.  She is a big help around the house and they boy's love hanging out with her.  She is not sure what her next step in life will be but for now we love having her around.


Ryker's season was cut short the last three games because of a hernia.  He had to have surgery and needed to heal for 6-8 weeks.  He loves football and can't wait until next season!!!!

A Great Season!

Kasen's football team finished off their regular season 7-0!  They won their first round playoff game and lost the quarter finals to Skyview.  The had an amazing team that only allowed two touchdowns to be scored on their defense.  We all loved going to his games and cheering him on.  Dean really enjoyed  helping coach the team and loved all of the boys!  It was a fantastic year!

Labor Day Camping

I haven't blogged in so long, I am attempting to get caught up.  For the past 25 years we have attended  Swiss Day's.  The girls have a lot of fun getting up early to join  the million other women in Utah for shopping, Swiss scones and Swiss taco's.  It is a fun tradition we all enjoy  The best part is the camping at the Wasatch Campground in Midway.  It is a beautiful place next to the mountains.  This year my cousin Sara and her family were here from Arizona.  The cousin's had the best time getting reacquainted.  We played a lot of games in the trailers and enjoyed good food and family time.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011



Ryker & Stockton 

I think he gets those big legs from his Mom!

I don't know where Kasen get's his legs????


Friday night lights......awesome!

Kasen at QB

Ryker stretching for Demi before the game

Holy cow .... he is cute!

Bear Lake Get Away

The last week in August our friends put together a little trip to Bear Lake.  It was a beautiful 3 days. We had the best time with great friends.  The Ehrharts are so kind to let us all use their awesome home. 

Minute to win it!

Awesome cups by Tonia

Who is that OLD couple?

Kent hard at marble challange

Out to dinner after boating 

Dean trying to get the key in the cup!
We all got a little sun burned

Char's awesome mullet extensions

Oh we ate sooo well!

Mary's place by the lake..... it was so beautiful

The young pregnant one of the group

Lynette tinkleing 

Dean learned to surf!!!!

celebrated Mary's birthday.....no she is not 16 just looks like it!

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