Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Birthday Couple

Jake loves mac & cheese so I found some pumpkin shaped noodles

October 2nd is Jake & Abbie's birthday! How stinkin cute is that!? Husband and wife with a birthday on the same day.  Their kids won't have trouble remembering mom and dad's b-day, especially with Abbie as their mom.  Abbie starts to talk about and look forward to her birthday about two months prior to the big day.  I love how excited she gets. 
Since Demi's b-day is only two days before,  we usually celebrate them all together.  This year we did Demi's a week early while she was home from school.  For Jake and Abbie's we had a yummy dinner at Grandpa & Grandma Hill's house.  We all love the Gregersens big day and so glad we could celebrate with them!

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