Sunday, April 24, 2011

Almost Bowler of the Year!

Bowlers of the month for 4 of the 8 months

My awesome scores......just one pin short

My cute mom there to cheer on her girls!  She was last years
Bowler of the Year!

 This week at bowling was our roll off for  "Bowler of the Year"  It was pretty much a big deal for the Sunshine Girls league at Davis Lanes. My Sister, Marla and Char were also bowlers of the month so we were so excited for the roll off.  We were up against way good bowlers so we knew it would be tough.  I was doing OK in my first few games but in my third game I bowled  4 strikes in a row and moved to the top.  So in the last few frames it was neck and neck.  In the 10th, Chanelle was one pin ahead of me and all I needed was one to tie and two to win.  I hit a 2-3 spit on my first ball and threw it right down the middle and missed them all on my second.  Dang....... I  totally chocked!  So so close, but had an awesome time trying!

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