Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Church History Trip

Downtown Chicago.....Sears Tower

Jared and I on Lake Michigan

Me and my love

Dean wants a Calandar made with this one.....he loves Tractors

and......old Trucks

Dean's idea of Heaven......Tractor graveyard on our way to Nauvoo

The bridge over the mighty Mississippi

The highlight of our trip.....doing sealings in the Nauvoo Temple

It was a long night on the full bead at the Nauvoo Hotel.....the room was so tiny we only stayed there one night

Trail of hope leading to the Mississippi

Bardges built to take the Saints heading west across the Mississippi to begin their journey

Statue of Joseph and Hyrum looking over the Mississippi

Joseph and Emma at the Visitors center

Local bakery in Nauvoo

Found this GREAT place to eat off the highway called "Buddy's" it was filled with thousands of signs and antique items.  Dean said his hamburger was the best ever and I loved the grilled cheese!

Horse ride through town

Carthidge Jail where the prophet was martyred

Bullet hole that killed Hyrum Smith

Jail cell where they were held

Top window where Joseph fell to his death after being shot

One of our favorite places we visited!

Dean overlooking the valley of Adam Ondi Ahman

They were checking us out....we had the whole place to ourselves exept these two friends

Sunset on Spring Hill ......amazing!


Another critter we found checking in on us

We had the most wonderful time on a trip that Dean has been wanting to take for 10-15 years.  We were able to fly into Chicago and see Jared for a night. We then headed in our rental car towards Nauvoo Il.  It was amazingly beautiful country the whole way.  We stayed in Navuoo a few days and then went on to Carthidge Jail, Adam ondi ohmen, Liberty Jail and then flew home from Kansas City Missouri.  It was a perfect trip and all we could have hoped for.  


  1. ANGIE- Why didn't I know about this blog sooner?? I can't believe you have been keeping it from me for so long!

    I absolutely L O V E it! I can't wait for more updates. I love you guys!

  2. Thanks Emily! I tell Abbie all the time how amazingly talented you are! Your blog is sooo