Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ladies in Bear Lake

Our darling friend Mary has been wanting to take all of the girlfriends to her cabin in Bear Lake. Not everyone could go but we knew with the holidays that it would just get busier as the month went on. So we picked a weekend and headed up north.  We were all thinking that we were going to a cabin as in log but boy were we surprised.......this was not a cabin but a beautiful home, a home show home to be exact!
We all brought projects to work on.....I made gratitude journals for Thanksgiving, Kristi worked on her photo's, Marla organized recipes and cute Lori Vest cuddled up and played games on her phone while chatting with all of the ladies. 
Mary spoiled us with great food, Lori brought her "out of this world" cupcakes and we laughed until early the next morning.  I wish I had more pictures but my battery died in my camera. 
Our ride home was a bit of a nail biter.....Kristi kept telling us that a storm was approaching so after doing Zumba (we had to burn some calories) we noticed it was really coming down hard and decided to hit the road.  We were able to slowly creep up Logan canyon in a white out with a lot of snow on the roads until we came to a stop near the summit.  We could see a huge semi jack knifed blocking the road, we were told to pull over and wait it out.  We turned off the car to not burn gas and cuddled up in coats and blankets.  After about 1 1/2 hrs we were SLOWLY on our way.  Our 2 hr drive took us about 6 hrs. to get home. Despite the long ride home, we had a great time and loved being together as friends!

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