Thursday, July 1, 2010

He's not real graceful!

Two weeks ago we went to Logan to visit Grandma & Grandpa Garrett. Ryker took his long board in hopes that he and Ryan could try some big hills by their home. After visiting for a while he and Ryan took off. It was not long before they were back and Ryker was a bloody mess. His butt, back and knees were all cut bruised and bleeding. He seemed so calm for being so beat up. Grandma, Shirley and I went to work patching him up. He didn't complain much during the next week except when he would rip open his knee over and over at football camp. So fast forward to this week, he was pretty much all healed up until THIS happened. Another wipe out and this time he was really hurting. It's pretty raw and it doesn't help that he has worked 30 hrs. this week at Morgan Pavement, on his feet in the hot sun, he is dang sore. Poor kid I hope he slows down a bit!

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