Friday, July 2, 2010

She Couldn't Stop Laughing

"oh mom I feel so good"

"pass the dooby on the left hand side"

Today was Demi's appointment to get her wisdom teeth out. She was actually looking forward to it because it meant a few days off from cleaning parking lots. She was a little nervous and then they gave her some medicine to relax. The nurse told me to ask her anything I wanted to know because she would spill it all out. We had some fun with that! The extractions went great but the best part was waking her up. They told me that the anastethsia either makes them get the giggles or makes them cry. I remember Abbie cried so I was expecting the same.....nope she was so dang funny. She got the giggles and couldn't stop. I even stopped by Cafe Rio for Dean to see her. He was walking to his truck with five of his friends from work, she rolled down the window and with bloody gauze hanging out of her mouth did a knee slapping, dash hitting laugh for about 5 minutes. If you know Demi this is not her at all! We all got such a kick of seeing Demi's altered personality. She laughed the whole way home, came into the house and ten minutes later was crying her eye's out because it hurt so bad. As of tonight she is doing OK but we are hopping for some chipmunk cheeks to post later.

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