Monday, July 19, 2010

TREK..... "Be Strong And Of Good Courage"

Captain Dean & Pioneer Angie

Sandridge Ward Trekkers

"wait do I really want to do this"

Ryker's Family

Kara Dart........ even on Trek she's beautiful!

Sneaking my girls some caffine!

Ryker chillin with his family

Nikki & Sydnie

Ma & Pa Robbins

Jeff Kimber, Ryker's adult child that he loved!

Pa Larsen

Ma Larsen

Pioneer Friends!

I really can't even put into words what our Trek experience was like. There was an incredible spirit the entire time. Dean was a captain and had 7 families in his company. I served on the support staff and worked with the activities committee. We loved the youth of our stake, they were so amazing. We have a great love for all of the adults who worked so hard and had a huge responsibility of putting on this awesome adventure. I hope the great spirit of Trek lasts a long time for all those involved!

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