Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love this game! Everything about it! It started when I was 10 yrs. old and my Grandpa & Grandma Hill would take us to BYU's games. I wanted to know all the rules, all the players names and positions and I even enjoyed listening to Paul James post game all the way home from Provo. Kind of weird I know, most wouldn't take me for the football type! Now I get to watch my two boys play and I love every minute of it. Most people think I went to High School football games to watch my girls dance and cheer, which I did, but really I just love being there!

Ryker is a now a sophomore and is playing at CHS. Thursday is his first game and I can't wait

Kasen played his first game on Saturday and they won 37-7! Their defense didn't allow a first down the entire game. Kasen scored a TD and played great. Coach Dean was so relieved to get the first game jitters over. Coach Ryker ( the defense coach) was out of town having one boating trip before school starts.

My friend who loves football as much as I do posted this awesome video titled "The Boy's of Fall" by Kenny Chesney. I loved it and so did Dean and the boys.

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