Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heber Valley Camp

"Guardians of Virtue"
Arriving at camp

Ready for the swing!
Good thing I'm not a guy!

Stake game night

Lyndsie eating oreos

Kendra in La La land

Value skit

Brooklyn & Lyndsie

President Pam

Just a small portion of what the girls brought

more cute beehives

The beautiful lake we hiked to

Whisperwood gals

A few of us got stuck in a down pour hiking back from the lake..... we looked like drowned rats!

Pot guts!!!!! They were everywhere!

I am home and finally rested after a week at girls camp. Our stake attended Heber Valley Camp from Monday - Friday. I LOVE Heber Valley camp, it was my first time there and I enjoyed it so much. The cabins are wonderful, the FLUSHING toilets and showers are perfect and the entire place is so beautiful. I loved the sweet missionary couples and I think I found the perfect place to serve a mission!

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