Monday, August 9, 2010

Jake & the knee board

Showing off his cleavage!
He looks a little stressed

All smiles now..... he did it!

So this year Jake has learned how to wake board really well. But for the past two years he has made comments about knee boarding. When we went out boating this week he was really excited to see a knee board in the boat and pretty much had us thinking he was a semi-pro knee boarder. We all kept teasing him about how easy it looks, especially Abbie. He started getting a little nervous and admitted he hadn't tried it since he was 8 yrs. old. We gave him a hard time and told him that basically anyone can knee board. We made him go first and told him to show us his stuff. He did a great job and I took some good pictures of him figuring it all out. Abbie then took her turn and pretty much sucked! We all decided that it is harder than it looks, especially on a windy day when the waves are beating the crap out of you.

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