Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Girl

Our Dixie girl came home for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.  She drove home on Thursday night and came running in the house around midnight screaming because she was so excited.  I was waiting up for her and Dean and the boys had fallen asleep on the couches.  Her shrill scream woke everyone up and Dean came running expecting to see a stabbing or break in,  Kasen woke in tears thinking Demi had died in a car wreck and I was crying with the news.  It wasn't the reception she was hoping for but once everyone was awake we were excited to see her.  We spent the weekend shopping, eating, going to movies and having everyone over for birthday dinner.  Demi met a guy at Dixie named Beau (yes confusing with a dog named Bo).  He was also home for the weekend and spent some time with us, he is a great guy.  It was good to have our girl home for a few days and celebrate with her.  Happy Birthday Demi Jane!

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  1. hey angie!
    abbie told me that you read my blog from time to time and i JUST realized that you have a blog..
    i hope you don't mind if i follow yours. you have a beautiful family and abbie is a pretty amazing sister-in-law..
    btw: happy birthday to demi :)