Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love This Boy!

So after I write this post I'm going to knock on wood so that I don't jinx myself.  I decided that as of late I really do love this boy.  I guess I should say like this boy because I've never stopped loving him only stopped liking him.  But for the last two months I can honestly say that he is very enjoyable.  The kid makes me laugh so hard and has been working his big butt off.  He is taking HARD classes, playing football and coaching his little brothers football team.  He leaves at 7 am and gets home around 8 pm and seems to love it.  Choosing to go to Clearfield was a bit of a shock to our family but he knew it was what was best for him.  He knew he would be leaving an awesome Syracuse sophomore team and playing for a struggling Clearfield team. Ryker has not regretted his decision.  He loves football and never complains about going straight to the park to coach the 12 yr. olds.  Clearfield has lost most of their games but Ryker has played great and even made a touchdown last week.  This was exciting because he doesn't really play offense he is a linebacker on defense so we were dang excited for him.  Anyway I decided I needed to write down that I love this handsome kid because next week it might change.  And so goes having a teenager in the home.

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