Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with friends, family & Kim (Mike's joke)! After Kasen's game on Saturday we headed up to Park City for a little get away.  We made a stop in Midway at Swiss Days. We all decided that by the time we arrived all of the treasures were sold out, everything else was the same stuff or as
Dean says "same crap different year".  We then went to our rental house.  It was a nice big place with plenty of rooms and bathrooms for everyone. We had a fun night visiting and watching football.  Sunday we had a BBQ at Wasatch campground with Grandma & Grandpa Hill and  Aunts: Carol & Vicki and families.  Uncle Paul took Brad, Kim and kids on a LONG Geo cash.  They found their treasure and the little girls got some blisters on their feet.  Sunday night we headed back to the house and played the Wolf game (which I am amazing at.....just ask Jake).
Monday we went to the annual Miners Day Parade and met up with all of the Westenskow family.  It was so good to see cousins and babies.  We also had a our annual BBQ at Uncle Jim's place in Deer Valley.  It was a great weekend spent with friends and family that we love dearly!!!

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