Saturday, December 4, 2010


A few days ago I asked Sandi if Oct 6th (the day she was diagnosed) seemed like a year ago and she said YES, well I feel the same way.  The last two months have been amazing.  Amazingly hard and amazingly wonderful.  Lynn and Sandi have faced news that no one should ever have to hear.  They have looked at the hardest of adversity and declared, "We may be beat up, but we are up beat"!
I have had the most spiritual tender moments with my friend.  We have laughed, cried and remembered.
Sandi is starting her 2nd round of consolidation chemo on Monday Dec 6th.  She will have 6 days of hard core chemo and then work on building her strength up again so she can have two more rounds.  Her cancer is aggressive and smart.  I pray daily for a miracle but I know as Sandi does, that is all up to our Heavenly Father.  I love her and continue each day to learn from her example.

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