Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Get Away

Soup Kitchen....Kasen's favorite place to eat!

Still had to study, had two tests the day we got back!

Dixie Bowl
Awesome old fashion bowling Alley

I'm in a biggest looser contest with all our friends so this is pretty much what I had to eat the whole trip!

This is what I wanted to be eating!!!

Snow Canyon Hike......beautiful!

My hiking wound

Why does he pull away?

We finally got down to Dixie to see Demi.  It was the perfect get away!
Abbie had two days off from clinical so we left Wednesday after her last class.
Kasen was off track so he came along and we all had a great time.  We went right to Demi's apartment and visited with her room mates.  We pretty much spent four days just relaxing.  We went bowling, saw two movies, ate yummy food (well Demi & Kasen) Abbie and I were dieting.  We hiked, walked, shopped and laid by the pool.  Funny how 57 degrees feels amazing when you come from 17 degrees!
Demi is now working at Cracker Barrel so she spent what time she could with us.  I love St. George... I can't wait to go back, hopefully SOON!

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