Friday, January 28, 2011

A Perfect Day!

Birthday Lunch with "The Real Housewives of Davis County"
or so our water bottles say!

My 43rd Birthday was a perfect day.  It was my regular Thursday bowling day, after bowling we met up for a delicious lunch at Bostons.  Most of us are still on our biggest looser diet and it was "all whole grains week".  Luckily we were able to order whole wheat pizza and it was so yummy!
After lunch we went to a great chic flick movie, "The Dilemma".  I loved spending the day with my wonderful friends, my darling mom and sweetheart daughter Abbie. 
That evening Dean had the perfect night planned.  We went to Sego Lily Day spa and for a couple hours we were totally pampered.  We loved the side by side couples massage.  We then went to Corbin's for dinner.  It was a special night spent with the one I love most!

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  1. Happy Birthday Angie!!

    It sounds like it was a wonderful day!!! :)