Saturday, January 1, 2011

Westenskow Christmas Eve Party

 Some of the Hill family

Angie, Dem & Sister Kristy

We were so glad Jared was here!

York & Cohen

Clyde & Sharon (her baby)

mmmm muh!

Libbi won the juicy stocking

Ryker won the massaging zebra slippers!!

Every Christmas Eve is spent with my Mom's side of the family; the Westenskow's.  Last year we tried to rebel and found it wasn't worth it.  Our tradition is to eat Danish dumplings (my great -grandmothers recipe from Denmark) and have a fun present exchange game.  Some years it gets pretty intense, especially when Jared bring two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the U.S.. It is suppose to be a $25 dollar gift so everyone fights hard for the tickets.  Ryker had them right up to the end and then ended up with the zebra slippers!  It was a great party.  I'm grateful for this family tradition!

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