Thursday, July 7, 2011

6th Grade Graduation

Mrs. Petersen 6th Grade teacher

Kasen receiving the "Hope of America Award"

Kasen & Cooper

Kasen & Friends

I guess this is the new photo pose for Kase!
Adam otherwise known as Hugal

Jett, Kase & Grace....together since preschool!

Brandon Winger received the "Bravery Award"
He is fighting Cancer and is one awesome kid!
Check out his T-shirt......loved it!

My days of being an elementary Mom are finished.  It is bitter sweet to have your youngest graduate to Jr. High.  Bitter to know the baby is growing up but sweet to be done with year round school.  The Graduation was a great program.  We were surprised and proud when Kasen received the "Hope of America" award and we loved hearing each students "In twenty Years" lines.  They were hilarious!  The best part of the day was seeing Brandon receive the Bravery award and hearing his Mom's speech.  We are praying for this great family that we love!

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