Thursday, July 28, 2011


Last night Demi and I headed to Gateway to the Apple store.  Our home computer crashed and we were looking for a new desktop.  I have been doing a lot of investigating and knew I wanted a MAC.  Demi loaded it up for me and we headed home (after stopping at Red Iguana for nacho's)!  I was so excited to get it set up.  Dean is so busy with work I knew I was on my own and just like everyone had said it was easy as pie!  I didn't get much sleep last night but it is up and running.  Can't wait for my one on one classes at the Apple store so I can find out what else this baby can do.  Demi about peed her pants when she heard me purchase the one on one classes from the sales guy.  All she could say was "wow awkward....I would never do that".   Not much embarrasses this lady!

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  1. Great investment! I love my mac too!! :) You will love it even more the longer you have it! :)