Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Perfect Score

I don't often brag to people about Ryker, in fact I am most often heard saying what a pain in the butt he is. But..... right now I think its time to brag a little.  This year Ryker took his first AP class.  He worked so hard and loved every minute of it.  He had over 2000 note cards and many note books.  He received an A for all four terms and spent hours studying for his end of year AP exam.  Last Saturday his test results came in the mail, and we were so excited when we saw he earned a 5! Perfect score!  He earned 6 college credits and his AP teacher called to congratulate him.  He was one of only a few that did so well.
Well if that's not enough bragging I have to say he is a dang hard manual labor, dirty job worker.  Each morning he gets up early goes to football and then straight to work.  He and Stockton have been working a lot of hours cleaning parking lots, pulling weeds and shoveling dirt at Morgan Pavement.  Saturday's he mows lawns all day and Sunday morning he gets up early to attend Missionary Prep classes!  Wow he is really on his mom's good side right now................KNOCK ON WOOD!! 
Now if I can just get him to let me take a normal picture of him without his chin in the air, oh well can't win them all!

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